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  • Widows offering their daily prayers in Bhagwan Bhajan ashram, a prayer home in Vrindavan where more than 2000 widows come everyday to pray.
    Komala Ma, 67, has been living in Vrindavan for the past 40 years. She was left here by her son.
    Widows come everyday in these prayer homes in 3 sessions of 4 hours each to chant mantras for which they get a bowl of lentil and rice.
    Widows cover themselves with saree, traditional Indian wear, to meditate in the prayer home.
    Usha Ma, 53, dancing during the celebration of holi, a hindu festival.
    A widow taking a holy dip in the river at dawn, a ritual that many widows follow.
    Bimla devi (65) and Madhavi Ma (48) praying to Lord Krishna in the widow-shelter. They chant mantras for 8-10 hours everyday.
    Thousands of widows migrate to Vrindavan every year to await death and salvation in dignity.